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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) about Overdrive

1.  What is OverDrive?

The Wethersfield Public School district now has a beginning collection of eBooks and audiobooks that can be downloaded by students to multiple types of electronic devices (Kindle, Nook, iPad, iPod Touch, computer, cell phone, Mp3 player, other). This new service, powered by OverDrive, is free for our students.

2.  Is our WPS Overdrive collection mixed with the Wethersfield Public Library Overdrive collection?

No, our WPS Overdrive collection is separate and for Wethersfield students only. Our policies and collection may be different because school and public libraries operate differently.

We use a different username and password system for access to our WPS Overdrive Collection (see below). If you wish to use the Overdrive collection at your local public library, you will need to have a public library card. The good news is once you learn how to use Overdrive, you can check your local public library as well as our collection for resources and use whichever one has what you need.

3.  What is the web address for our WPS Overdrive Collection?

The address is

There is a link for the collection off of the main Wethersfield Public Schools website.

4.  What do students/staff use as their Library Card Number and PIN for checking out materials from the WPS Overdrive collection?

Students and staff now log in to Overdrive the same way they log on to the school network for computer use.

Student Library Card Number (username):  LastnameFirstname   (not case sensitive)

Student PIN (password):  Schoolcomputerpassword##            (case sensitive)

*Note: The library card number (username) has no space between the last name and first name; the PIN (password) starts with a capital letter and ends with two numbers.

Student log in example:

Library Card Number (username): PoppinsMary

PIN (password): Umbrella19

**Note: Staff library card number (username) and  PIN (password) are the same as their district computer network username/password.

5.  Can students check out all books in the collection?

Even though students can see all materials in our collection when searching, students at the elementary level cannot check out books from the middle school and high school collections. Our collection is organized in the same way our school physical libraries are organized; K-6, 7-8, 9-12. Students in high school have access to all materials in the collection, middle school students have access to middle school and elementary materials, and elementary students have access to elementary materials only. At the checkout point, some students will be restricted from downloading materials based on school grade level.

6.  What is the lending period?

The lending period for materials is two weeks.

7.  Do multiple users have access to one title?

No, due to digital rights management (DRM), titles are checked out on a one to one model.  In other words, one book, one user. When the lending period is done, the title expires and is available for another user to check out. It operates very much like a physical library book or material.

8.  Can I renew a title?

Titles cannot be renewed, but you can check them out again after they expire if they are still available.

9.  How many digital materials can I have out at a time?

You can check out up to 3 titles.

10.  How many titles can you have in your cart at once?

Your cart will hold up to 5 titles at a time. Titles are removed from your Cart after 30 minutes so that other users can have the chance to check them out.

11.  Can I return a book early?

Some titles (not all) can be returned before they expire. It varies based on the material type/format.

12.  How do I place a hold on a material if it is already checked out?

Up to 4 titles can be placed on hold at one time. We'll send you an email when a title becomes available. You have 3 days to check out your hold after we email you a notice that it is available.

13.  Why does it ask for a birthday when I try to place a hold?

In order to notify you when a hold is ready, the system requires an email address. The first time you place an item on hold, it will ask you to put in your birthdate. Students age 13 or over can proceed to the next screen and place the hold. Students who put in a birthday who are age 12 or below will be prompted to get a parent and have the parent put in an email (for privacy reasons).  The request for a birthday will only occur the first time you try to place a hold.

14.  How can I cancel a hold?

Login to your account.

Click the My Holds link.

Click a title's Remove link to cancel the hold.

15.  How can I change the email address that I entered when I placed a hold?

Login to your account.

Click the My Holds link.

Click a title's Edit link.

Enter the new email address in the 'Email address' and 'Confirm Email address' fields.

Click Submit to update the email address for the selected title.

16.  Where can I view tutorials or get help in using Overdrive?  

The help button within our collection as well as the district website has links to Overdrive tutorials.

Video Tutorials

Guided Tour

17.  Will the district be adding more eBooks and audiobooks to the collection?

The district plans to add more eBooks and audiobooks to our OverDrive collection. This includes adding more digital copies of our most popular titles once we identify the media that is checked out most frequently.


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