Wethersfield Board of Education Mission & Beliefs

 Mission of the Wethersfield Public Schools

Education in Wethersfield is the shared responsibility of schools, students, families, and other community agencies working together so that Wethersfield students may realize their full potential. Accordingly, the mission of the Wethersfield Public Schools is to ensure that all students will:

  • Acquire skills and knowledge for life-long learning, enabling them to compete in a global economy;
  • Develop a positive sense of self, enabling them to set high expectations;
  • Develop self-discipline and function as responsible citizens of society; and
  • Develop and understand their ethical, cultural, aesthetic, and intellectual values and respect those of others.

Beliefs of the Wethersfield Public Schools

The Wethersfield Board of Education believes that:

  • All Wethersfield students should be educated in a safe and secure learning environment that provides appropriate facilities, personnel, and programs;
  • The curricula of the Wethersfield schools should be designed, implemented, and assessed to enable all students to realize their full potential;
  • While the schools bear the primary responsibility for the formal education of Wethersfield youth, the family and the community share in that responsibility. To meet that common obligation, the Wethersfield schools should foster a partnership with the community;
  • All educational programs should be operated in a fiscally responsible manner;
  • The Wethersfield schools should employ and train personnel who will meet the instructional needs of students; and
  • All educational programs and services should incorporate current practices and contemporary research, materials, and equipment.

Vision Statement of the Wethersfield Board of Education 

The Wethersfield Board of Education has created and adopted a vision for the Wethersfield Public Schools that focuses on three areas of central importance to us: 1) Outcomes and opportunities for our students; 2) The overall quality of our school system; and 3) The school system's relationship with the Wethersfield community. 

As we look toward the future, we present the elements of our vision in each of these key areas:  

1. Outcomes and Opportunities for Students
In the future that we envision, Wethersfield students will: 

  • Enter kindergarten prepared to participate successfully in the full range of  social and educational activities;
  • Achieve foundational literacy in Reading, Writing and Mathematics by the end of grade three;
  • Meet the high performance standards of the state's Mastery Test and CAPT academic achievement measures, with 90% or more of our students reaching the state goal on these measures;
  • Develop an appreciation of music and the arts and choose to participate in these areas in accordance with their interests, aptitudes and talents;
  • Be prepared to make sound lifestyle decisions, including those related to preventive health maintenance, sound nutrition, and lifelong physical exercise;
  • Adopt positive personal values, including care and respect for others, service and contribution to the community, and a strong achievement and work ethic;
  • Remain in school throughout their K-12 experience and be fully prepared to graduate from high school with their peers;
  • Be prepared to continue their education at the postsecondary level and/or to enter a viable career field of their own choosing;
  • Value their years in the Wethersfield Public Schools and face their future with optimism and confidence.

2. Overall Quality of Our School System
In the future that we envision, the Wethersfield School System will be characterized by:

  • A broad range of curricular, co-curricular, and regional choice opportunities for students, as well as the  provision of student support services, special programs, appropriate learning settings and sufficient learning resources necessary to address the full continuum of student needs;
  • Schools that are actively engaged in a continuous process of school and program improvement;
  • A climate in all school and district settings that is characterized by respect, trust, and care; and that is reflective of positive interpersonal and inter-group relations;
  • A student population in each school setting that is representative of the student diversity in the school system as a whole;
  • Safe, secure and well-maintained facilities which  provide an environment that is highly conducive to successful teaching and learning;
  • An effective budget development system, with sound fiscal management and audit procedures;
  • The strong presence of technology throughout the system, with active and productive use in offices and classrooms and well-functioning systems of acquisition, maintenance, technical support and professional development;
  • High quality programs of curriculum and instruction which are fully aligned and standardized throughout the system, with a systematic process for curriculum evaluation and enhancement;
  • Valid and reliable assessment systems for students in all key program and curriculum areas, with active use of assessment information to improve teaching and learning;
  • The employment of highly qualified professionals who are provided the training and resources to help them create a positive learning environment;
  • Strong human resource systems and programs in recruitment, induction, supervision, evaluation, professional development and personnel management;
  • Collaborative use of  internal expertise and resources to enhance skill development among practitioners, with cross-district development and sharing of best practices;
  • Open and timely communications throughout the district, with effective processes for resolving conflict and promoting trust;
  • A reputation for excellence in the region and the state.

3. The School System's relationship with the Wethersfield Community
In the future that we envision, our school system's relationship with the Wethersfield community will be characterized by:

  • Active parental involvement in all of our schools;
  • A strong sense of partnership shared by the school system and community;
  • Property values in the community that are maintained and enhanced by efforts of the school system to provide education of the highest quality;
  • The community's belief that the school system has a principle role to play in making Wethersfield an attractive place to live;
  • The residents of our community valuing education highly and being committed to the goals of our school system;
  • Active student involvement in the community to assist in meeting identified community needs;
  • Active community involvement in the schools, with successful efforts on the part of the school system to make community members feel welcome in the schools on an ongoing basis;
  • School district involvement in assisting community members in becoming life-long learners;

The school system as an active partner with town government and civic organizations in strengthening the quality of life in our community.

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