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All Teachers Should Consider taking the following courses:

PowerTeacher:  The Basics

PowerTeacher Gradebook:  Getting Started

PowerTeacher Gradebook:  Working with Grades

PowerTeacher Gradebook:  Analysis & Reporting

All Teachers Should Consider taking the following course:
Introducing Parents to PowerSchool's Parent Portal

Elementary School Teachers should also consider taking the following course:
PowerTeacher Gradebook Standards

Curriculum Specialists should consider taking the following course:
PowerTeacher Administrator

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PowerSource Quick Guide
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PowerSource Users Guide
PowerSource Users Guide - PDF

PowerTeacher User Guides & Quick Reference Cards

PowerSchool User Guides for School Counselors

The Golden Onion (Our PowerSchool Test Server)

PowerSchool Videos & Tutorials

PowerSchool Q & A Glossary

PowerSchool Training Road Map

Here's a list of the recommended online training courses for each employee role.

Each course takes an average of 1-hour to complete but you could choose to work on a course for only 10-minutes per day because the system remembers your progress so you'll resume exactly where you left off when you log back into PowerSource the next time.  

Some of the courses are'll see which ones those are when you read through your section below.  

There is no time limit or restrictions on these courses.  They are available to you 24 hours per day, 365 days per year -- for the next 20 years.  Login and learn when it is convenient for you or when you feel that you need a refresher course in the coming months/years.  When you complete a course you can print or email your 'Certificate of Completion' and send it to me in exchange for technology CEU's (if you need CEU's).

Please let me know if you need help logging into your PowerSource account.  And please let me know if you have any other questions.  It's our hope that these online courses will make it more convenient for you to learn the parts of PowerSchool that you want to learn.  In addition to these online courses, we'll be offering individualized training and support throughout the 2012-2013 school year.  There will be a potpourri of PowerSchool learning opportunities made available to you throughout the year.  Based on my individual learning style, these online courses are my favorite way of learning PowerSchool.  But I completely understand that learning styles vary so we'll provide plenty of options for you to learn PowerSchool in other ways in the coming months.  And I hope you'll give these online courses a try.    

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Photo Slideshow - November 8, 2017
Students in Mrs. Cookson's 4th grade class have been working to read "with their noses in the book" and notice details about their characters in order to develop an interpretation. This week they applied these new strategies to closely read and interpret photographs. Please click for more.
Webb Students, Staff, and Parents come together for Walk to School Day! Thank you to all our families that were able to join us and to Mr. John Morris and Mrs. Elaine Paradise from the Board of Education for walking with us!
WHS Students Helping Puerto Rico

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