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Posted Thursday, Jun 16, 2016 

Pieces Literary Magazine - Winter/Spring 2016 Edition - photo slideshow




Posted Thursday, Jun 16, 2016 

After two before school practices only, the Webb staff surprises it's students with a fun, collaborative end of year send off! Have a great summer from the Webb community!

Posted Wednesday, Jun 15, 2016 

Webb Elementary School says goodbye & best wishes to our sixth graders!


Posted Wednesday, Jun 15, 2016 

We have to rely on cellular WiFi in an area where a large concentration of people will have cell phones. And streaming LIVE video requires the connection to be consistent. Some years the video has been very choppy while trying to stream LIVE from Cove Park. So we are going to try our best and hope for the best. Click the link below to access the LIVE video stream beginning at 6pm tonight.

Posted Wednesday, Jun 15, 2016 
Mrs. Mary Ann Fortin began her teaching career with the Wethersfield Public Schools forty-six years ago after earning a Bachelor’s of Science degree from Saint Joseph’s College. Her first two years were spent at the Lancaster School. In 1971 she began at Charles Wright Elementary School, her home for the next 44 years. As an elementary classroom teacher Mrs. Fortin has served more than 700 children.

Mrs. Fortin continued her education earning a Master’s of Science degree in 1975 and completing her 6th year in 2003 through the University of Harford and New England University. With each new year, Mrs. Fortin embraced the latest research, strategies, and BEST practices in education and applied them to her classroom. She became a leader in the building, the district and the state sharing her amazing talents, yet has always maintained utmost humility. She has served as a mentor to both student and novice teachers within the district and has been a noted presenter not only within the district but also for the Connecticut and New England Reading Associations.

Over the years, Mrs. Fortin has been recognized for the positive impact that she has made not only in our district but within the state. She has been the recipient of the CT Learning Disabilities Association Teacher of the Year, the Wethersfield Teacher Peer Award and the Charles Wright School Teacher of the Year Award. She was even nominated for the Disney Teacher Hand Award. But most importantly, Mrs. Fortin has been cherished by hundreds of students and parents within our community as their favorite teacher!

Year after year, Mrs. Fortin has demonstrated excellence as an instructional leader. She is conscientious, enthusiastic, focused, dedicated, effervescent and child-centered. Her energy seems limitless as she contributes in so many ways to the life of the school! She is a consummate professional, young at heart, and an amazing mentor! She is respectful of children, parents, and colleagues; a friend to everyone; and one of a kind!

Mary Ann Fortin Retires after 46 Years of Service!

Mary Ann Fortin Retires after 46 Years of Service!

Mary Ann Fortin Retires after 46 Years of Service!
Posted Tuesday, Jun 14, 2016 

Charles Wright Elementary School's Deirdre "Dede" Mahoney has been selected as the 2016 Teacher of the Year for the Wethersfield Public Schools.

Dede, a grade 5 classroom teacher, was officially nominated by her colleague Victor Setaro.  

An excerpt from Dede's nomination...

"Dede's students consistemtly make gains in all subject areas and it is certainly a direct reflection of the time and effort she puts forth. Her students are at the top of our school for having mastered their basic facts and it is easy to attribute their success to the daily practice and motivation she instills in her pupils. Dede is serious about what the data reveals for her students' performance. When she feels her students are not performing to the very best of their potential she immediatly looks to rectify deficiencies with new teaching approaches and added practice.  She will NOT allow her students to skate by without each learner giving their absolute best effort.  

Of the many things that Dede does to strengthen the teaching profession, perhaps the most obvious is her dedication to using formative assessments to drive her instruction. Dede is passionate about delivering the established curriculum as intended and faithfully reads and takes notes well in advance of beginning a unit. She is well organized and her hard work in advance of new units of study makes her instruction seamless and always meaningful for her learners.

Dede influences other teachers to better their practice through her love for teaching. She delivers inspiring lessons on a daily basis and fills her classroom with energy and excitement for learning. Meeting with Dede on a weekly basis has benefited my own teaching. She enthusiastically shares what worked well in her lessons and carefully reflects on what she'll do differently moving forward. Dede is also not afraid to ask for support and is always interested in learning the different ways her colleagues deliver instruction."

Dede Mahoney, 2016 Teacher of the Year, Wethersfield Public Schools

Dede Mahoney, 2016 Teacher of the Year, Wethersfield Public Schools

Dede Mahoney, 2016 Teacher of the Year, Wethersfield Public Schools

Dede Mahoney, 2016 Teacher of the Year, Wethersfield Public Schools


Posted Thursday, Jun 9, 2016 

108 photos from May 13th through June 3rd



Posted Thursday, Jun 9, 2016 
Coming to the Wethersfield Elementary Schools Next School Year!

Thanks to support from the Richard M. Keane Foundation, this Fall every Elementary School in Wethersfield will offer after school enrichment opportunities for their students

The structure would be one After School Enrichment Program Director, 5 Site Coordinators and Parks and Recreation handling the registrations.

• Keane on Kids After School Enrichment Director has reached out to each school to get ideas for the programs to be offered. There will be various programs for students in grades K-6.

• A Site Coordinator at each Elementary School that will work after school on the days that have enrichment programs running. The Site Coordinator will work to make sure the students move from their regular school day to their after school enrichment program and through student pick up. They will be available to help during the enrichment programs as an extra set of hands and to handle any issues that arise during that time.

• Registration for all After School Enrichment programs will be through Parks and Recreation. The After School Enrichment Director will work closely with Parks and Rec to add the new programs to the current Parks and Recreation brochure and to manage registrations.

We will start the 2016-2017 school year with a few new enrichment offerings beginning in September at each school as well as wrapping current offerings under the Keane on Kids After School Enrichment umbrella. This would provide consistency of registration and additional supervision and support of the programs and students.

Any questions, please feel free to contact Caroline Fazzina, Keane on Kids After School Director at
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