Wethersfield Board of Education Goals

Board Goals Jan. 20, 2016

Goal 1
The Wethersfield Public Schools shall ensure that all students are prepared for lifelong success through comprehensive, research-based curriculum and world-class instruction.

      * Continue to provide appropriate resources to promote technology fluency.

      * Explore expansion of the continuum of services offered to all students. 

          i.e., gifted and talented, PreK, transition academy, support services.

Goal 2
The Wethersfield Public Schools shall promote engagement of all families and stakeholders in the learning experience.

       * Develop and implement comprehensive community engagement plan.

           i.e. Create surveys, hold forums

           i.e.  Market our schools with the positives we do each day.

       * Provide communication that is purposeful, clear, informative and concise

Goal 3
The Wethersfield Public Schools will continue to provide a positive learning climate and culture and continue development of a long-term facilities improvement plan.

          * NESDEC study looking into what needs to be improved in district regarding physical plant of each school.

          * Create supportive, inclusive school culture

          * Short-term maintenance plan

          * Provide appropriate class sizes and composition.

Goal 4  

            * Budget development

            * Budget advocacy

Superintendent Goals 2015-2016 January 12, 2016


A.   A comprehensive plan to improve the SBAC scores in the Middle School.

B.   Grades 3-8 will improve 5% to 10% in Math and Language Arts.


A.    Superintendent will go to events in the community.

B.    Use of on line Superintendent "blog" such as "Ask the Superintendent"

C.    Maintain websites and all related links and insure all information is up-to-date.

D.    Once every two weeks write a positive story for major media.

E.     Develop tracking system for inquiries, requests, for information coming to Superintendent Office

F.     Respond to requests from students, parents/ guardians ; staff and other stakeholders within 3 business days.


A.  Provide monthly summaries of the status of the operating budget to the BOE which fully disclose all expenditures, transfers, and savings/deficiencies to the date of the report.

B.   Ensure proper and timely payment of all District bills, payroll, and expenditures, with timely reports of any issues to the BOE

C.   Require administrative staff to implement a written procedures and financial controls manual within 12 months so as to ensure definable oversight of payrolls, receivable, grants, and expenditures.

D.   To fully implement newly adopted business policies concerning transfers.

E.    To develop and implement a written procedures process outlining business functions.

 F.    Payroll for staff with breaks in service will be completed with 100% accuracy.

 G.   To provide adequate staffing to ensure the effective oversight of business functions.

 H.     Entitlement grants will be managed with 100% accuracy.

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